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Duplicate email addresses when sending surveys

Over the course of time, customers buy multiple times from us but I can't send a survey on the second purchase because the system counts it as a duplicate if they received the same satisfaction survey previously. This also holds true for any service related appointments in which we survey their satisfaction. Any way around that?
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  • Dear Melissa,

    You can send multiple individual links to the survey to the same respondent by activating the “Allow Duplicate Responses” feature. Please note, that you will need to add an additional field to both survey and import file in order to provide the system with a unique identifier to differ the links.
    Here’s the article from our help guide regarding this feature in which you can find more detailed information about it.

    Please, note that this feature could be activated only prior to sending the first invitation batch. In case if the survey was already launched I can suggest you create a copy of the survey and activate the respective feature in it.

    Hoping this is helpful.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should any additional questions arise.

    Best regards,
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