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Error Code-Internal JavaScript Error

Has anyone experienced the following error code "Internal JavaScript Error occurred. Please try again or contact your Administrator. (TypeError. Cannot read property'0' of undefined)".

We are getting this intermittently when out inspectors have saved an inspection and then submit it when they get back to the office. The survey stays in an uploaded state but does not go to completed.

Any suggestions on how to fix or where to start looking?
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  • This reply was removed on 2017-08-08.
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  • This reply was removed on 2017-08-08.
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  • Justin (Senior Support Analyst) August 08, 2017 23:54
    (Sorry for the reposts; apparently my attempts at formatting a nice bulleted list caused some troubles with the page.)

    Hi Marcia,

    From your description it sounds like this may be about something happening to portal participants when using the Mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. If that guess is incorrect, please let us know.

    Something like this is rare, tends to be case-specific, and should be investigated directly. To that end, we must request a number of details. At your convenience, please send the following to so that we may begin looking into it:

    • Portal ID number and Form ID number.

    • Which Contact (from the associated Contact Manager) experienced the trouble.

    • Brand and model of the participant's device.

    • The device operating system version number.

    • The version of installed on the participant's device. Please note that it is always recommended to keep this up to date - updates are managed through the App Store (iOS) or through Google Play (Android).

    • Log files from the participant's device. Details on how to get them can be found here.

    • Details about exactly where the error occurred (while filling out the form on a particular page, or another screen within the app) and the steps leading up to it.

    Please note that uploading a response does not mark it Completed. That status is set by the Submit button within the form itself, so if the error occurred while filling out the form and prevented the use of the Submit button, the response would remain In Progress even after uploading. In that case it should still be possible to mark it Completed later, once the issue is resolved.

    We look forward to hearing from you, so that we may begin investigating.
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