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Extracting image 'URL references in 'XML extracts' in

We would like to extract 'images collected within surveys', via the API/XML, as a 'URL reference', so we can import the URL reference into an internal system, then display the image. Having to use Worldapp to try any locate images per survey and a separate internal system isn’t practical. Using one system to view images within a property for example, alongside the data collected, is the only way we can sell WorldAPP internally. Is there any solutions to this problem as we understand that we 'can’t extract URL references' within the XML data extracts?
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  • Justin (Senior Support Analyst) February 08, 2016 21:07
    Dear Paul,

    The Export to XML, like those to CSV and Excel, contain direct URLs to download files/images that were submitted by the respondent when they answered your File Upload question.

    Within the responses.xml file, you should be able to find something like the following for each file uploaded by the respondent:


    Please note that the URL above is just an example, and does not reference any real user data.
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