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How do I autofill complex questions via api calls instead of csv?

We currently use a csv file that looks like:
11123,James,Bond,01/01/1980,very single,,,007 007 007 007,0,0,7,james@007,PRC:Project Controls

I am trying to automate the autofill, using the LaunchManagementService.

How do I map the details to multipart questions via the API? For example, Personal Details is Q2 in the form designer, Q21741440 in the API. However, it has a bunch of answers (ID, firstName, lastName, email, marital status). Do I just comma-separate the answers like below? I know in java I would have to use WSAutofillDataItem objects, but they just have Long questionID and a list of strings for the answers, so I'm not sure which separator to use in xml.

Just for test purposes I am using SoapUI. It will then be translated to PHP.

Here is the request xml in SoapUI:

<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
11123,James,Bond,1/1/1970,very single

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