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Statistics of answers within the form

I'm looking to calculate the Maximum, Mean, and Standard Deviation of several answers on a form. The Mean is easy enough to calculate using the Calculated Value function in the settings of a field, but I am having trouble with the max and std dev. Is there a list of commands for the calculated value function? I've tried using the Report functionality, but it only calculates statistics between submissions, not within submissions.
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  • Justin (Senior Support Analyst) April 12, 2016 23:45
    Dear Ben,

    I'm sorry to say that the Calculated Value feature does not have functions like the ones you've indicated. The documentation for it is found on this Help page, but I haven't found anything there or for another feature that I think would help you come up with those results.

    The only idea that comes to mind is that it might be possible with some customization. For example, a custom JavaScript which could be added to the form might be able to perform the operations you want with the values entered by the respondent. If you are interested in that, I can ask your account representative to contact you about this professional service.
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