Oksana (WorldAPP Community Manager) April 27, 2011 12:47

Testing Branching

Currently, to test all my branching possibilities, I need to take a survey multiple ways to make sure all the branching is correctly programmed. I'm a very visual person, so it would be great to have a visual way to spot check my branching.

It would be great to use a Flowchart (or roadmap of sorts) to visualize that the branching is functioning properly.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that some of our questions were being skipped due to programming errors in branching. I feel a flowchart would have solved this problem for me because I could have visualized each path, instead of testing every question with branching and taking each route myself. This is especially helpful if there are many paths a respondent can travel.

A Questionaire Flowchart could also be useful in double checking things like Allow to Skip or Must Answer, by highlighting questions in grey if the respondent is allowed to skip them, and leaving the bubble white or clear if they must answer. I find visuals help me catch errors because I am not rifling through text, and because I am forced to look at a project from a different point of view.

Please see the example below. It is very generic, and simple. I understand larger surveys could become very complicated, but perhaps segmenting questions would allow to simplify the view. I would be interested to hear the imput of others on if this would be useful, and also, how it could be implemented to maintain simplicity of view. Perhaps an interactive flow chart, allowing you to click on the answers and see the path would be useful. Thanks!!

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